What is a bralette used for?

What is a bralette used for?

The topic of today is all about bras. The really cool thing about bralettes is that they can be seen making them an essential layering tool.

So what is it exactly? We all know about the bra but there’s also a bralette and the srapless variation the bandeau.




Bralettes are basically wireless bras typically found in a stretchy lace.



They’re lightly line meaning that they don’t have padding and unlike underwear is definitely okay for your bralette to show.



Bralettes can be worn on their own making them really comfy but also kind of difficult to wear out.

If you do need more support what I do is just simply layer a matching Roger.

If you’re trying bralettes for the first time try aiming for ones with more length or ones with patterns. Patterns are easier to wear because they look a lot less like underwear.




Alright so next up I’ve put together some quick looks for you guys to show you how I’ve styled some bralettes.

It’s really important to remember that it’s about the details and sometimes it’s best to keep it subtle.

Bandeaus and bralettes are super awesome for clothing that have open backs.



I personally find them a cuter and more lightweight alternative to layering irregular tank top.



If you’re daring enough you can wear the bralettes on their own.

They match well with high-waisted bottoms like maxi skirts or tea-length skirts.