Why Bralettes Should be on Your Christmas Buy List

Why Bralettes Should be on Your Christmas Buy List


The holiday is around the corner. You’ve probably get your whole trip planned out, somewhere south and warm? That’s for sure, but don’t forget to pack bralettes – Underwear of The Year with you. Let’s hit the road, girls.





Technically bra is a form-fitting undergarment designed to support a woman’s breasts, with a molded form as a cup and enhanced padding. The bust size might be increased by the appearance, it sometimes can be suffocating though. Bralette on the contrary, wireless and unpadded, you won’t even notice it layering underneath most time.




Even better is that you won’t need to be busty to make it work, you can look radiant even for an A cup. So to speak, the underwear as outerwear trend is actually pretty to master. Let’s follow Jenner Kendall’s lead and wear those cute pieces in a street proved style.


We have put together a list of the most popular styles of the bralettes, keep scrolling down.

Crop Top Bralette

It is not technically a bra anymore, you can wear it as a crop top especially with the loneline lace and no one will raise an eyebrow at it. Pair it with denim hot shorts to make heads turn.



Or layering underneath another crop top, with a bit of lace peeking out of the bottom of your crop top. Charming.



Wearing it under or over a ripped tee, this effortless look will have you feeling comfortable and cool all day.



The list of possibilities is endless, try pairing a simple longline bralette with floral print bottoms, a modern look.



Halter bralette, a bit high neck, adds a cool girl vibe.



Make it real simple by matching a sport bra with track pants, it is a no-fail style.



Triangle Bralette

Compare to crop top bralette, the triangle one is more luscious, but due to the fact that it is lacking of support, it might not fit those who is C cup or above as the breasts might be pointing out. Believe me it is not a good way to flaunt.



One of the features of the triangle bralette is lace pattern, the classic choice is layering underneath a loose tee with drop armholes or deep neckline. With the scooping arm hole detail, the side of your bralette will be slightly visible for a playful touch.



It is safe to replace bikinis with those shining lace bralettes, pair it with shorts for a slouchy beach look.



A good match with sheer top.



My favorite look is to rock a triangle bralette underneath a suit, that is so darn chic.



It is time to refresh your underwear drawer. Let’s rock this Christmas holidays.